Users are able to reduce airdrop vesting times by continuing to wager on the Shuffle platform. This allows loyal users to have faster access to their allocated tokens, while inactive users unlock tokens at the normal rate over 3 months.

The Wager-To-Vest program additionally allows for interesting feedback loops to take place. An example of this feedback loop for the SHFL token:

  1. Tommy has gambled on Shuffle.com since launch in February of 2023, and has received an airdrop of 100,000 SHFL

  2. Tommy's SHFL will linearly vest, with 20% unlocked at TGE and the remaining 80% over the following 3 months

  3. With Tommy's 20,000 initially-unlocked SHFL tokens, he plays on Shuffle, subsequently decreasing the time in which his remaining tokens unlock.

  4. That volume contributes to Shuffle’s theoretical revenue, increasing the size of our buyback-and-burn, leading to upward price pressure on the SHFL liquidity pool

Wager-to-Vest aligns incentives for all users, allows users to build volume for future airdrops and keeps supply off market β€” ensuring stability.

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