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🔀Introduction to & SHFL

Shuffle is a leading crypto casino and sports betting platform launched in February 2023. Since launch, Shuffle has grown to over 35k users and 2.8 billion bets across a suite of innovative products.

Today, Shuffle is a leading crypto casino with a world-class user experience and a reputation built on trust. We have proven that is built for the modern gaming user. The Shuffle Token (SHFL) represents a huge step towards continuing to create the best crypto casino experience.

At present, casinos don't give players what they want. Players who join Shuffle refer to their former casinos as having poor user experience, mediocre bonusing or native tokens that don't directly enhance their gaming experience. SHFL will unlock the next wave of innovation in the casino industry and cement Shuffle as the most rewarding casino on the market.

SHFL will be tightly integrated with the core platform, reward the most active users, build the community, and take the player experience to new heights. The token is designed to grow alongside the platform, with value accrual that scales as Shuffle makes the journey to being the premier crypto casino.

There will be several exciting utilities such as:

  • SHFL will be used as a wager asset

  • SHFL will have a buyback-and-burn

  • SHFL holders can gain early access to new features, exclusive bonuses and much more

  • [Redacted & Coming Soon]

SHFL will begin its journey through distribution among the core user base of Shuffle. A total of 28% of the SHFL supply will be airdropped to the Shuffle community over the coming years, with 3 separate airdrops incentivising activity on the platform. The first airdrop will be the largest, at 10% of the total token supply. TLDR:

  • launched in Feb 1st 2023, with the snapshot for SHFL taken on Feb 1st 2024.

  • Ticker: SHFL (ERC-20)

  • Contract Address: 0x8881562783028F5c1BCB985d2283D5E170D88888

  • Initial Circulating Supply: 71,126,984.56 SHFL

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

  • Max Supply: 1,000,000,000

  • Shuffle will distribute SHFL tokens to the community in 3 separate airdrops, with Airdrop 1 containing 10% of the total supply.

  • SHFL will launch as a wager asset, with a buyback & burn and exclusive bonusing / VIP privileges.

Links to external websites for information and trading of SHFL will be going live throughout the launch of the token.

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