🎰Wager Asset

Shuffle.com allows users to play with SHFL tokens received through airdrops as stakes in games, giving the token an immediate application once liquid in the user's wallet. Through wagering with the SHFL token onsite, the user will also facilitate the accelerated vesting of their SHFL tokens remaining from the airdrop and contribute to their total wagered volume, which will in turn help them earn future airdrops.

Most importantly, this flywheel effect will increase the aggregate volume wagered on the Shuffle platform itself, which in turn will;

  • Increase SHFL token redistribution across remaining airdrop campaigns.

  • Fuel the buy and burn mechanism programmed on Shuffle, effectively reducing the total supply and potentially increasing the token's value over time (more details are provided on the next page).

Below is an example that articulates the benefits of wagering SHFL natively on the platform:

  1. Daniel receives 10,000 SHFL in Airdrop 1 after TGE.

  2. Daniel wagers with SHFL, playing Blackjack on the platform.

  3. Daniel's wager volume contributes to the platform's buyback and burn, reducing the total SHFL supply and helping his tokens vest faster.

  4. SHFL sent to the Shuffle treasury is removed from the circulating supply, meaning less SHFL on the market.

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